WP Coordination

WP Coordination delivers the infrastructure and secures the workflow of the project. The general aim is to ensure that data and knowledge delivered from the AC/DC-weeds are serving sustainability and resilience of the agro-ecosystem.

Besides being effective against perennials, agro-ecological management should be more sustainable compared to the common practice. Environmental and economic effects of the perennial weed management will be investigated for both common practices and alternative methods investigated in this project. An environmental impact assessment (EIA) will be adapted and applied. This approach takes into account all relevant impacts, including energy use. The energy use efficiency will also be compared between management approaches. Cost-effectiveness analyses will be conducted to estimate the relative effectiveness of different perennial weed managements (e.g., in terms of € / reduced weed patches, reduced sprout densities).

Besides the above tasks, WP Coordination organizes dissemination of results and products and the communication with farming stakeholders. The relevance of non-farming stakeholders’ interests in creeping perennial weeds will be assessed. Besides farmers land owners are in special focus. Dissemination of these results in other EU-countries will be assisted by ELO (European Land Owner Association).