WP Graphic web tool

WP Graphic web tool’s main objective is to support end-user with easily accessible, specific information on the effects of single and combined management options on perennials. Understanding the effects of applying and combining disturbance and competition on perennial is crucial for agro-ecological management. Tools should allow farmers and advisors to explore how managements affect perennial infestations.
A web-based interactive graphical tool will be developed to easily visualize effects of management options on own observed field infestations. The interactive graphical web tool will enable farmers and advisors to understand the consequences of different applications of disturbance and competition on field infestations. The graphic tool is based on a data viewer, which is flexible to include results from multiple weed monitoring and to dynamically accept updated results. The survey data viewer will be designed to accomplish storing, managing and visualizing the data from comprehensive weed monitoring and disseminate results to farmers and advisors. The survey data viewer will be implemented as an open access web application with a web browser-based graphical user interface for use on any computing and smartphone platforms. The architecture of the web application will consists of a user interface layer, a web framework layer, and a data storage layer. Visualising the effects of different techniques virtually applied on observed field infestations will support on-farm solutions for agro-ecological management.